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Humana veterans plans




The Humana®️ Honor Plan is a zero premium Medicare Part C plan WITHOUT drug coverage, that includes hearing, vision, dental coverage as well as SilverSneakers gym membership. These plans work well with Tricare for Life members because you already have great drug coverage with Express Scripts.

Dental coverage is also included, it is a PPO with $2000 a year benefit. Many of you select the optional FEDVIP dental and vision plan for an extra monthly fee which is $1500 year.  

The Humana Honor plan also has a Medicare Part B premium credit each month of $50 a month. Your Medicare Part B premium deduction will continue to be the same amount each month ($148.50 month) but then a CREDIT of $50 each month is applied, making your social security check go up $50 month per person. So couples save a $100 a month ($1200 year) on their Medicare Part B premium.

SilverSneakers gym membership is included allowing you access to over 15,000 locations nationwide at no charge. 

This is a zero premium plan. Tricare for Life stays secondary payor to cover copays like with Medicare Part A and B.

The Humana Honor plan is available in most of the country.

UnitedHealthcare®️ also offers a Medicare Part C plan without drug coverage that works well with Tricare for Life, called the Patriot plan. The Patriot plan is a popular choice in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Florida and Southern California. The benefits are similar to the Humana Honor plan.


My name is Steve Schrader, I am an agent with Humana and UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans. I work mostly with Tricare for Life members, helping them understand the Humana Honor plan, which just came out a couple years ago. I am licensed in the states listed in green below.

Steve Schrader