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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap insurance covers some, or all of the cost, which Medicare does not cover (20%). Medigap Insurance is available to everyone in the country, age 65 or older, whom have Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Supplement Plans are accepted by any Doctor in the United States who accepts Medicare patients. Medicare Supplement Plans are guaranteed issue at age 65, or when you enroll in Medicare Part B, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Medigap Plans are also guaranteed renewable for life, as long as you pay your Medicare Supplement Plan premium. They are NOT guaranteed renewable at the SAME premium every year. Medigap premiums adjust annually.

At age 65, you are provided an opportunity to select any Medicare Supplement plan policy from ANY insurance company, and since it is guaranteed renewable, you can keep that plan for the rest of your life. UnitedHealthCare Medicare supplement plans are unisex rates, meaning the rates are the same for male or female. UnitedHealthCare has over 4 million members enjoying the benefits of of their Medicare Supplement plans, and usually has the most competitively priced premiums. See below for rate examples.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medigap Plan F is the most popular plan in the country, and the easiest to understand. Medicare Supplement Plan F covers 100% of your deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare does not cover (the 20%). All Medigap plans must have the same coverage regardless of which insurance company issues the policy. Medicare supplement plans help cover Medical costs which are not covered by original Medicare, but do NOT cover prescription drug costs.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Select

For residents in Arizona and Texas, you have another Medicare Supplement Plan F option, which is Medicare Supplement Plan F Select. This plan requires you to use a hospital that participates in the Select program. 

Medicare Supplement Plan N and G

Medigap Plan N is also a very popular option because the coverage is similar to the Medicare Supplement Plan F, but is about $500, per year, less premium typically around $100 a month. Medicare Supplement Plan N does NOT cover the annual Part B deductible, which for 2019 is $185, and may have a co-pay of up to $20 for doctor visits. Plan N does NOT cover whats called “excess charges”. Most doctors accept “Medicare Assignment” , which means they accept the Medicare approved amount for the services they provide. If a doctor does NOT accept “Medicare assignment” they can charge 15% above Medicare assignment amount. Its pretty rare, the easiest thing to do is just ask your doctor.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the exact same Plan F but doesn’t include Part B deductible ($203)

If you live in any of the states above in green, then I can give you rates from all the top companies like UnitedHealthcare, Humana and Aetna. Click on the “Get Rates” tap in the Header, or Call or email “Medicare Steve” Schrader at


To Enroll or to find out what zone your zip code is located.

In Summary, Medicare Supplement Plans are ideal for clients living outside of major metro areas, since they offer flexibility to obtain medical care anywhere in the country, as opposed to being restricted to only local doctors and hospitals.

Medicare Supplements are also very popular with “snowbirds” because they receive care in different parts of the country throughout the year, and is accepted by any doctor that accepts Medicare.

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