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2021 MediGap Plan F rates San Diego CA


The Most popular Medicare Supplement in the country is called Plan F, in San Diego county the best Plan F rate is $165 month for clients entering Medicare at age 65 or $204 month for clients age 70 who just want a lower rate. MediGap plans increase every year, and its a good idea to […]

2021 Medicare Advantage Plans in Charlotte North Carolina


UnitedHealthcare offers 2 different MedicareComplete Advantage plans in 2019 to residents of the Charlotte, NC metro area. Both Medicare Advantage plans include Part D drug coverage, Renew Active Gym membership (formerly SilverSneakers) and there is no referral needed to see a specialist. Here are some of the main differences between the 2 plans. Plan 1 […]

Does Tri Care for Life work with Medicare Advantage Plans?


Some retired Military members receive TriCare for Life to pay the portion of medical costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. Tri Care for Life also provides prescription drug coverage that is superior to Medicare Part D coverage that Medicare provides. Many TriCare for Life members want additional benefits such as SilverSneakers, dental, vision and hearing, but […]

2021 UnitedHealthcare Patriot Plan


New for 2021, the Unitedhealthcare Patriot plan is zero premium Medicare Part C plan designed for ALL veterans with Medicare Part A and B. The Patriot plan includes the same benefits as Medicare Part A and B, but also includes benefits that Medicare does not cover like gym membership, vision and dental. The Patriot plan […]

Humana SilverSneakers

Does Tricare for Life include dental coverage?


Tricare for Life does NOT include dental coverage as a standard benefit. You can enroll in optional dental coverage for a monthly premium or you can get dental coverage by enrolling in a Medicare Part C plan. Humana and UnitedHealthcare have zero premium Medicare Part C plans that are designed for veterans that include dental […]

How to get SilverSneakers with TriCare for Life


SilverSneakers is a nationwide gym membership program designed to help Medicare clients stay fit. It is accepted at more than 16,000 locations including YMCA, 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Curves, YouFit, Local Rec centers, and many more. SilverSneakers is not included in Medicare Parts A and B, or with TriCare for Life. SilverSneakers is included […]

What MediGap plans include SilverSneakers?


One of the most popular benefits included in some Medicare plans is membership in SilverSneakers fitness program. Membership in SilverSneakers is NOT included in Medicare Part A or Part B, but is included in all Humana Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.  SilverSneakers is accepted at over 13,000 locations nationwide, giving members unrestricted access […]

Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado Springs

Does New West Physicians accept Medicare?


New West Physicians in Colorado accepts UnitedHealthcare Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plans. They do NOT accept traditional Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans. You do have to have Medicare Parts A and B to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, so you would enroll in Medicare parts A and B thru Social Security, then Enroll in […]

Medicare Supplement Plans Arizona

2021 Medigap Plan F rates Arizona


Blue Sky Medicare offers UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Plan F to residents of Arizona. You must have Medicare Part A and B to enroll in a Medigap Plan F which covers all of your deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare doesn’t cover, but does NOT cover Part D drug coverage. Medigap Plan F is the most popular […]

Medicare Supplement Plans Colorado

2020 MediGap Plan F rates Colorado


Blue Sky Medicare, based in Denver, offers UnitedHealthcare and Humana Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap, to all residents of Colorado. Medigap Plans cover some or all of the medical costs Medicare doesn’t pay. You must have Medicare Part A and B to enroll in any Medigap Plan. You can enroll or switch your current […]