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Does Tricare for Life include dental coverage?


Tricare for Life does NOT include dental coverage as a standard benefit. You can enroll in optional dental coverage for a monthly premium or you can get dental coverage by enrolling in a Medicare Part C plan. Humana and UnitedHealthcare have zero premium Medicare Part C plans that are designed for veterans that include dental coverage and other benefits that are not included with Medicare Part B.

The Humana Honor plan, available in most of the country, is a zero premium Medicare Part C Plan that includes vision, hearing and dental coverage. You must keep your Medicare Part A and B to enroll in Medicare Part C. Plans vary from state to state but $2000 year dental benefit is the most common. There are other benefits with the Honor plan including.

Medicare Part B premium Giveback- Monthly credit for some of your Medicare Part B premium ($50 month most common) which increases your social security check by the amount of the monthly credit.

Vision and Hearing coverage-

SilverSneakers- Access to 17,000 gym locations nationwide.



My name is Steve Schrader, and I work exclusively in the Medicare market as an agent with Humana and UnitedHealthcare in the states listed in red above. I am one of the few agents in the country that specialize in working with Tricare for Life members, and can email you the plan specifics about the plan in your state. Just click on “Get 2021 Plan Info“. If you prefer to not provide your phone number, just put 555-555-5555 in the phone field.

Steve Schrader