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Does Tri Care for Life work with Medicare Advantage Plans?


Some retired Military members receive TriCare for Life to pay the portion of medical costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. Tri Care for Life also provides prescription drug coverage that is superior to Medicare Part D coverage that Medicare provides. Many TriCare for Life members want additional benefits such as SilverSneakers, dental, vision and hearing, but don’t want to lose their TriCare benefits. To ensure that, you should only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C)  WITHOUT drug coverage. TriCare for Life stays secondary and still pays your co-pays on a Medicare Part C plan.

Unitedhealthcare offers the  zero premium Patriot Plan which is designed for veterans and TriCare for Life members because it doesn’t include drug coverage (MA only plan) but does include ReNew Active gym membership (similar to SilverSneakers), vision, hearing, dental coverage and a $50 month credit for your Medicare Part B premium, and best of all is zero premium.

Humana SilverSneakers

Humana Honor plan also has a plan designed for veterans and is available in the states in Red below. The Humana Honor plan includes SilverSneakers, dental coverage ($2000 year in most states) vision and a $50 month Medicare Part B Giveback. Most clients pay $144 month for their Medicare Part B premium, which is deducted from your social security benefits. Which means your social security check INCREASES each month by the amount of the Part B Giveback.

My name is Steve Schrader, I’m an agent for Humana and UnitedHealthcare, and work almost exclusively with Tricare for Life members. I am licensed in the states listed in red above. Feel free to call me anytime. If you would like me to email you the plan specifics for the plan in your area, click on Get 2021 Plan Info“, if you prefer not to provide your phone number, just put 555-555-5555 in phone number field.


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