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What MediGap plans include SilverSneakers?


One of the most popular benefits included in some Medicare plans is membership in SilverSneakers fitness program. Membership in SilverSneakers is NOT included in Medicare Part A or Part B, but is included in all Humana Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. 

SilverSneakers is accepted at over 13,000 locations nationwide, giving members unrestricted access to all clubs by showing your SilverSneakers membership card at the fitness location. Many clients go to multiple gyms for different classes or other programs. Basically its like having membership in all clubs that accept SilverSneakers, including:


24 Hour Fitness

LA Fitness


Anytime Fitness

Local Rec centers

Many others

My name is Steve Schrader, also known as “Medicare Steve”. I work exclusively in the Medicare market as an agent for UnitedHealthcare and Humana Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage plans in states listed in red below. I can give you a quote by clicking the “Get Rates” tab at the top of the page. If you prefer not to be called, put 555-555-5555 in the phone field.