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Humana Honor Plan


Tri Care for Life is for retired military members and their family. It covers most or all of charges that Medicare doesn’t cover. Tri Care for life provides first class medical coverage but does NOT include Silver Sneakers, vision or dental coverage. Tri Care for Life clients can enroll in a zero premium Medicare Advantage plan WITHOUT Part D drug coverage, (you do not need drug coverage because you already have Express Scripts). Tricare for Life stays your secondary plan.

The Humana Honors plan is designed for veterans who want to get benefits that Medicare does not provide. The Honor plan also includes a Medicare Part B credit each month ($50 month the most common). This means your social security check will go up each month by the amount of the credit. These plans vary from state to state.

My name is Steve Schrader, I work exclusively in the Medicare market as an agent for Humana and Unitedhealthcare, and I am one of the few agents who specialize in working with TriCare for Life members in the red states above.

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