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2021 UnitedHealthcare Patriot Plan


Unitedhealthcare Patriot plan is zero premium Medicare Part C plan designed for veterans with Medicare Part A and B. The Patriot plan includes benefits that Medicare does not cover like gym membership, vision, dental and include a Medicare Part B premium credit each month. The Part B credit varies from state to state, but the most common is $50 a month. This means your social security check INCREASES each month by the amount of the credit.

The Patriot plan does NOT include drug coverage, so it works well with Tricare for Life members because TFL includes fantastic drug coverage with Express Scripts. Copays with the Patriot plan still get billed to Tricare for Life. The additional benefits for each states are listed below.

Florida- RenewActive and $50 month Part B credit.

Arizona- ReNew Active , $50 month Part B credit and dental $1000 year

Sothern California- Renew Active and $25 month Part B credit

Colorado- Renew Active, $50 Part B credit and dental $1000 year

Nevada- Renew Active, $100 Part B credit and dental $1000 year

Texas- Renew Active, $30 Part B credit ($50 San Antonio) and dental $1000 year

North Carolina- Renew Active, $45 Part B credit and dental $1500

Oregon- Renew Active, $50 Part B credit and dental $1000

 RenewActive gym membership (similar to SilverSneakers) allows you access to fitness locations nationwide including 24 Hour Fitness, YMCA, Curves, Anytime Fitness, local rec centers and more. 

My name is Steve Schrader, also known as “Medicare Steve”, I work exclusively in the Medicare market as an, agent for UnitedHealthcare. Give me a call or an email, if you would like to discuss your specific Medicare needs. You can also ask me ask in real time by clicking on the “Chat Now” tab at the bottom on the screen.